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Undetectable Wigs

Undetectable Wigs When alopecia is too advanced or your hair loss cannot be stopped -for different reasons-, there is a solution that many people use: Wigs. The meshes used by these prostheses are undetectable because they are made of synthetic materials that become invisible in contact with the scalp. We can wash our hair, sleep with them on and wear them for several days without need of removal. What makes these wigs different from the old wigs is the fact that they allow us to show our hair from every angle fearless to show the front side.

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Adenogen / Adenosine as a hair loss treatment

Adenosine-Adenogen On December the 1st 2004, the Japanese company Shiseido said they had found a new solution to combat Androgenetic Alopecia.
The news generated high expectations for those who fought (and fight) against Hair loss. However, the scientific community remained apart and did not conduct studies of any kind, except those submitted by the company itself.

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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy The first thing that comes to our mind is progress, science and technology.
Excluding the shock that may cause the word "Laser", can we be surprised by their results to combat hair loss?

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Hair transplant

Hair transplant Many people believe that undergoing surgery for the sole purpose of recovering the hair simply "not worth the risk". You may imagine that the risk is too high, that the intervention could be painful or the results are not natural...

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Manuel: "...Too many places and too much money spent without luck. When I was 18, hair loss began... "
Manuel: "...When the dermatologist opened the door, my world fell down: there was not a single hair on his head.. What could I ask?..."
Manuel: "...If I had listened to the dermatologist at the first time, I wouldnÕt waste so much time..."
Manuel: "...the hair loss ended when I started with Minoxidil. The change was impressive. It is the first time something works for me..."
Ramiro: "...My alopecia began at the age of 17. I come from a family where all are bald. I haven't tried many alternatives because I thought that there was no solution..."
Ramiro: "...When I tried with Finasteride, I got no results. I must admit I did not take it conscientiously, but either way, it didn't work..."
Ramiro: "...Finally, a person recommended me to try with Minoxidil, but being ordered with applications..."
Ramiro: "...I checked with the dermatologist and finally started the treatment. I did not recover my hair as I would have liked, but there was a noticeable change..."

Female Alopecia

Female Alopecia Unfortunately, hair loss is no longer a problem unique to man.
Women Alopecia affects a small percentage of women between 20 and 30 years and 30% of women aged between 40 and 60.
But be careful and don't panic to soon. Women usually despair -meaningless-as we notice a bit of hair in the tub. The female androgenetic alopecia has clear characteristics and the mere fact that...

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The difference between effective and ineffective products

Many times it becames difficult to distinguish between what works and what's a scam, especially when hair loss takes us by surprise and we don't have enough information.
There are many products with demonstrated effectiveness, but unfortunately there is a huge amount of treatments, lotions and pills that are a waste of time and money.

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Minoxidil vs. Finasteride

Minoxidil vs Finasteride We all know that both products are good to fight against Alopecia but they have different results in different persons. Both products help to stop hair loss and in many cases they even make it grow faster. So, ¿Which one should I choose?

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Hair loss forum

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