Hair Loss
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Hair Transplant: List of Clinics and Surgeons

The Surgeons/Clinics are sort alphabetically. There is no relation/asociation between them and RecoverYourHair.

Alvi Armani
Spain, Mexico, USA, Canada, Inglaterra, France, Italy, Germany, China, Japon, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Middle East.

Arthur Tykocinski

Hasson and Wong - Hair Transplants

Shapiro Medical Group

If you have a successful hair transplant please contact us so we can include the Clinic/Surgeon on the list.

We cannot warranty the inclusion of any Client/Surgeon before checking their experience and works.

We requiere a minimum of 15 pictures of people with hair transplant made by FUSS or FUE methods.
The pictures are not going to be published.
The photos had to be taken in the same angles and with the same light.

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