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 Finasteride  Finasteride for hair loss, is available in tablets of 1 mg. Results are visible within sixth month of use and known brands include: Propecia, Folcra, Renacidin, Andropel, Capilfor, Pelicrep, Tricofarma, and Sutric.

 Before and After  In this case the patient took one tablet of Propecia daily for 12 months.

 Before and After  Here is another patient exactly under the same scheme: 1 tablet per day for 12 months.


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In its origins, was used in 5-milligram tablets to treat patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Beyond the good results, patients had a side effect: arrest of the fall and grow new hair.

They began to experiment with younger people using 1 milligram instead of 5 and the results were more than encouraging. It is the first oral drug that has been clinically proven to stop hair loss and promote growth in areas where there was lint or “peach-hair". It was approved by the FDA

The Finsteride known brand called "Propecia" The advertising campaign shows two twin brothers who had the same degree of baldness. One of them used Propecia for six months and the results are obvious

In the double-blind with placebo, Propecia defeated and made clear their results. 83% of patients taking Propecia stop loosing hair, promoting the growth. .
In contrast, patients who used the placebo, only 28% had some effect. The difference is clear.

It is important to note that often the hair loss stops without using any drug. That's why many "miracle treatments" seem to work. Taking a look to the Propecia study, we can say that 28 out of 100 people stopped loosing hair without any drug.

The cause of baldness lies in the sensitivity of follicles to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
The enzyme 5-alpha-reductase converts the hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, and follicles respond to it, reducing its size, until finally the membranes of scalp become rigid. If you want to know in detail the causes of the fall, I recommend you read the article: Causes of Hair Loss

Finasteride acts on the root of the problem because it inhibits the production of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase (type II) helping testosterone to not to be transformed into dihydrotestosterone. It takes about six months of treatment to start seeing results.

It may seem simple, but it seems incredible that science has come so far. Not to long ago we did not know anything specific about Androgenic Alopecia. Today, while there is something that works for everyone, we are much closer to achieving it.

Important for the Treatment:


The recommended dosage is one tablet of 1 mg. per day. In case you ever forget to take it, do not try to "recover" the dose the next day adding another tablet. Take it normally as if nothing had happened but try to remember to take it every day. The benefits of Finasteride require continuity.

In general it is necessary to use daily for six to eight months to get results. If you stop your treatment, your scalp will get back to its original state after ten or twelve months.

Do not use if:

If you have hypersensitivity to any components of this product.
In any way can be used by women, children or babies.
If you suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia, check with your doctor to let you know the proper dosage.

Side effects:

Finasteride is generally well tolerated, but if you suffer any side effects, you must consult a doctor to see whether you can continue the treatment or not.

Over 3200 men where evaluated in clinical studies with finasteride, always with the method using a double-blind placebo. Side effects using Finasteride or placebo were similar. Treatment was stopped in 1.7% of men who took finasteride and 2.1% of those treated with placebo.

Adverse Reactions:
  • Decreased libido in 1.8% of patients treated with finasteride and 1.3% of those using the placebo.
  • Erectile dysfunction in 1.3% of those who used finasteride and 0.7% of those treated with placebo.
  • Volume decreased 0.8% in eyaculation taking Finasteride and 0.4% with placebo.
Side effects disappeared in men who discontinued therapy and in many who continued. Excluding double-blind studies, reported adverse reactions usually have been mild and did not require discontinuation of therapy.

To see results, you'll have to wait about six months. The maximum results are seen after several years. You must be constant. Long-time treatment

Remember, you should never start a treatment without first consulting a professional..
If you may want to see more pictures of patients using Finasteride.
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