Hair Loss
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 Laser Therapy  Laser Therapy Laser household equipment cost from $300 to $600 (dollars).
Although it has never been proven effective, they are produced by several companies:
HairMax LaserComb, Leimo, y LaserWands.

Laser therapy for hair loss

[ Low Level Light Therapy - Low Level Laser Therapy ]

Laser. The first thing that comes to mind is progress, science and technology.

Time ago, the Low Level Laser Therapy centers to treat hair loss were used exclusively in capillar centers in addition to the famous " hair massage".

Patients attended these centers and after the massage, the electrodes and the plunger that “take off the scalp", was also practiced a laser session to promote hair growth.

Lasers were of considerable size and too high cost. Patients were forced to attend different centers, paying a very high monthly price.

Several years ago, companies began to manufacture and market the home version (with a brush) so that people with alopecia-today-can practice the treatment in the comfort of their homes.

One manufacturer states:

"Laser therapy stimulates the scalp, promoting blood circulation to hair follicles and removing excess DHT around the hair bulb.
At the same time, the follicles receive more nutrients starting the process of cellular repairing.
The final result is a higher-volume of hair follicle, allowing the growth of stronger and healthier hair."

Another manufacturer, don’t flinch when making statements:

"Thanks to the energizing effects and nutrients of phototherapy or laser therapy, hair look healthier and vibrant. The light is energy. The cells thrive in light, and hair is no different. At the end of treatment will improve the appearance of your hair and it will return to feeling good."

To make things better, all claim they have a 90% efficiency or "satisfied customers".

Laser-hair-centers has been used for at least 15 years, we can evaluate the results without having to "run" to buy the home version. So the question we must ask is: Have you had successful laser treatment to stop hair loss?

No. It has not had any success in any type of alopecia. Laser Therapy has never demonstrated to been effective in clinical studies and much less scientifically or with double-blind studies. There are no reports or pictures of people who have used the laser and there is no positive feedback (which can be checked) in this regard.

Laser treatments has not been approve by any country’s authorities. Many documents were submitted to the FDA trying to achieve inclusion, but have never come to pass the third phase of testing.

Still, companies that sell home version advertise their products with a satisfaction guarantee that is far from satisfactory: if you return the product, reimbursement will be a rebate of 15%.

Household laser equipment cost at $300 to $600 (dollars), therefore, you've paid between $45 to $90 (plus shipping / return) even if you return the product.

Important for Treatment:


Place the equipment on the scalp, and gently move it like a brush-on the affected areas.
Manufacturers suggest using it for 10-15 minutes three times a week.

Do not use if:

There are no contraindications.

Side effects:

None reported.

Remember, you should never start a treatment without first consulting a professional.
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