Hair Loss
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 Minoxidil  Minoxidil is sold in concentrations of 2% and 5% (6%, 12.5% and 15% are also available). You will see effects on the third or fourth month of usage. There are many laboratories that produce it and best-known brands include Rogaine, Regeine, Ylox, Lacovin, Kresse, Minoxile, Tricoplus, Locemix and Neoxidil.

 Before and After  In this case the patient used Minoxidil 5% during four months, twice a day..

 Before and After  Here's another patient who used the same concentration, but only once a day for six months. Although the changes do not seem so great, we can see in the photo above the scalp spots have been covered by new hair.


Originally, it was sold in tablets and was used exclusively in hypertensive patients. As a vasodilator, has an excellent response in this type of pathology.

Hair Loss and bold alopecia

Minoxidil's action against hair loss, it was discovered because some patients had side effects, such as overgrowth of hair over the body and scalp. Following this, became increasingly topical studies and lotions applied directly to the affected areas and the results were very good.

On 1980 the production began and the same year was accessible to the general public. The lotion is available in a 2% concentration under the name "Rogaine".

The tablet version is still been prescribed for patients with hypertension, but in the case of Alopecia is applied locally through oily or alcoholic lotions.

It was thought about Minoxidil, -being a potent vasodilator- stimulated blood flow and therefore made hair grow. Later tests were made with other vasodilators, and the results were invalid. Thus, it is not the action of vasodilatation that makes hair grow.

Still is unknown the exact action of minoxidil, but today is supposed to act by stimulating the opening of potassium channels, preventing calcium to send the signal to the follicles to stop the growth, entering cells directly.

Maybe they are both things that make hair grow. The blockade of calcium plus the vasodilator action. To this day it continues to investigate its mechanism of action.

Important for the Treatment:


After washing and drying the hair, put the lotion on the affected area ensuring the contact with the scalp. For a better distribution is recommended a quick massage (30 seconds) with the fingertips.

The application can be repeated in the evening and if there are no side effects, we recommend you to try it as the difference between one and two applications is usually large.

Wash your hands thoroughly after application. Let there be no rest of the drug in your hands.
To prevent the lotion to stays on the pillow, stay up until they have passed at least 30 minutes after application.

Avoid contact with eyes, nose or mouth. If that occurs, wash with water.

Do not use if:

there is any irritation, inflammation or injury to the scalp because it could lead to excessive absorption of the drug in your body. Make sure you have a healthy scalp.

If you are a woman, you should consult a dermatologist and evaluate the cause of your hair loss before making the decision to start with Minoxidil.

If while you are dealing with other medications / lotions on the scalp, you should not use Minoxidil.

If you have irregularities in blood pressure or heart problems.

If you are under 18, you will find other alternatives but do not use Minoxidil. Consult a professional to recommend a treatment according to your age.

Side effects:

If you suffer any side effects, you have to stop treatment immediately and consult with a doctor.

Growth of facial hair.
Chest pain or rapid heart rate.
Ringing in the ears, blurred vision, fainting or dizziness.
Unexplained weight gains, swelling of hands and feet.
Allergy or inflammation somewhere in the body.

The results of Minoxidil are evident but not magical. You'll have to wait about four months to see if is working. If you start treatment, you must be consistent.

Between ten and fourteen months to get maximum results Minoxidil can be give in terms of hair growth. After 24 months, can lose the effectiveness. It is recommended to take a break from one to three months and then return. Continue doing this while you want to stay in treatment.
  • Beginning Treatment: Use for 20/24 months.
  • Rest: 1-3 months.
  • Re-Start: 10/12 Months.
  • Continue cycling between rest and re-start indefinitely.
The cycling between the different periods, will drive you -if you suffer any loss in effectiveness- to return to have results using the same doses and daily applications. Some people even show a better response in the re-start that at the beginning of treatment.

If you plan to use it twice a day, if you forget an application do not try to recover it the next day. Forget an application does not affect the outcome of treatment. A maximum of two applications will use daily.

If you decide to terminate the treatment, your hair will return to its initial state after four months. Minoxidil is not a cure for Alopecia but it does promote growth and then prevents the fall.

During the break you can use other treatments that do not contain Minoxidil. There are some natural options to consider.

Remember, you should never start a treatment without first consulting a professional.

If you wish, you can see some pictures of patients using Minoxidil.
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