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Wigs - Adhesives

Wigs Adhesives There are to way to hold your wig: Using adhesive stripes or using liquid/semi-liquid adhesives.
The function of one or another is according to the needs of each person.

The level of adherence of the stripes use to be less than liquid adhesives. But today are -almoust- at the same level. The advantage of the stripes is that most of the allow you to take out and place back the wig in just a moment.

When we use a liquid adhesive, to remove and to sanitize the wig takes more work. The advesive goes directly into the scalp so apart of taking out and sanitaze the wig, we will have to deeply clean the rest of glue in our skin.

The prostheses are attach to the bald sectors of the scalp. To achieve the best adherence will be convinient to shave very well those areas. Let's take a loot to the advantages and disadvantages of using stripes vs adhesives.

Types of Adhesive Stripes:

Cinta Adhesiva Medical There are a variety of different stripes. Often people use a very resistant stripe at the back, and an almost transparent one at the front. The best thing about the stripes is that they are confortable and clean. And it's really easy to take the wig out with them, and to place it back.

There are some stripes that last up to 15 days and there is no need to replace them during span. The disadvantage that have most of them is that they don't resist to be washed with shampoo, so, the best is to take them out during a bath. There are not easy to detect. But sometimes direct light can produce some unnatural brightness over them. It is importan to buy stripes that do not allow reflections at least for the front of the scalp.

The tipe of stripe you choose will depend of the way of use you will give to your wig. If you want to remove it every night, you can search for a stripe of medium-adherence to make it easy to take it out before going to bed. If you want to practice some acuatic sport, we suggest you to use extra-hard stripes that will keep your wig in place what ever happends.

Another thing to have under consideration is your type of skin. If you have oily skin, there are some porous stripes that will do a better job allowing the oxigenation of your scalp. There are hypoallergenic stripes too, with less risk to suffer some alergic reaction.

Types of Adhesives:

Pegamentos para Pelucas The adhesive can be liquid, cream or ointment. There are water, silicone or acrylic based. Some of them resist up to 30 days witout the need of removing the prosthesis. We can wash our hair, go to the beach, to the swimming pool, and not even remember that we are carring a wig.

Even if adhesives are really resistant, people how use wigs are not risking to check how much they last... Will be not funny (at least not for you...) to see your wig flying away to firmly afirm: the adhesive las 29 days! We suggest you to remove and sanitize your wig with lapsus no longer than 2 weeks.

It is important to say that some glues are not approved for direct contact with your skin. Even if we know that they will not harm us, it is recommended to use them carefully and to clean the rests from our scalp before putting back the wig.

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