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Wigs - F.A.Q.

The following are the Frequently asked questions the people ask before taking the decision to adquire a wig. In case you have any question that it's not listed in this section, do not hesitate to post in our Alopecia Forum what ever you need to know.

Can men use this tipe of wig too?

The answer is yes! This modern wigs can be use by men and women of any age. Doesn't matter the tipe of hair or skin color. There are for every person and they are custom made.

Is it possible that the wig blow away while practicing sports?

If you use the correct adhesive your wig will be always in place. Flying Wigs are in fact part of the history... It can happen if we use a weak adhesive and we carry the wig on for a long time.

I'm bald only at the front/entrances. Is there any wig to cover only that part of the head?

Of course. Actual Prosthesis can cover one or several sectors of your scalp. The same for poeple who have Alopecia located on the crown area can adquire a wig for that part too. Modern wigs are design to fit every individual having under consideration every bald area of your scalp.

If wigs are custom made, how it is possible to get them thru internet?

Good question. Wigs are custom made and the mold can be made by anyone in around 30 minutes. In our section "wigs" there is a post about How to make the shape.
Once you have it done, you can mail it and the manufacture will mail you back the custom made wig.

Is it true that I have to shave my head to use a prosthesis?

It is true that you have to shave the affected zone of your scalp to achieve a better adherence of the prosthesis. It's safer and more Higienic. It's easier to take out the glue from a shaved scalp than from your hair...

What the average life-time of a wig?

That will depends of the Quality of the wig, and how you take care of it. Some materials long laster than others, but in general terms we can say that you should replace your prosthesis every 6 or 12 months. If you want more information about it, you can read Wigs - Tipes of Wefts where it is explaned the difference between every type of Wefts.

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