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Undetectable Wigs Let start with the definition of wig: a covering for the head made of real or artificial hair, typically worn by people for adornment or by people trying to conceal their baldness or in England by judges and barristers in courts of law.

In the jargon they used several synonyms: toupee, prostheses, systems, hair replacement and even some say "hair attachment". In English, these wigs are called "hairpiece."

Henceforth, when we speak about of prostheses, systems or wigs, we are referring to the same.

Fortunately, today there are drugs that can control some types of Alopecia firmly. Androgenic Alopecia Areata or Alopecia often have a solution or at least can be controlled on long term. However, other factors that can cause imminent hair loss where treatments delay too long to combat it. In that case, we can use temporarily a wig.
There are also situations where Alopecia is so advanced that there is no treatment whatsoever to reverse it.

Temporal Wigs:

Temporal Wigs People who have to use certain drugs or treatments like chemotherapy, lose almost all the hair in a period of two to three months. There is no drug that helps to counteract the effect (at least for the hair) from so powerful drug in our body. The reality is that in situations as complex as a disease that threatens our life, the hair goes into the second plane. However, as the patient begins to recover, among his first concerns are the side effects of these drugs: hair loss.

In these cases, there is no other alternative than a temporary wig, until hair returns to its normal growth cycle and is long enough to make the patient feel comfortable. The same applies in cases of Alopecia Areata, Traumatic Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium or any reversible type of Alopecia.

Permanent Wigs:

Peluca Permanente A permanent prosthesis is the one that we consider using for a long time or maybe forever. This doesn't means that will be adhered on our scalp 24/7. It will be with us all the time, being removed and washed while sanitizing our scalp deeply.

There are Alopecia (Advanced Androgenic for example) which unfortunately cannot be reverted. Excluding a surgical intervention, the only possible solution is a Permanent Wig.

In reality there is no particular difference between a permanent and a temporary wig. What we consider is the quality of them.
If our idea is to use it for three months, we can consider a classic wig that is not necessarily "invisible".
If instead, we will use it "forever", it is imperative to buy two wigs (to alternate them) of high quality and invisible mesh if possible.

Wigs, prejudices and lack of information:

Unfortunately, the wigs are still a topic that is not often spoken. There are too many prejudices, especially among men it's an issue that lends itself to jokes. What most people don't realize is that many are using literally undetectable systems. Actors, Singers and others, use last generation wigs that cannot be detected even from inches away.

It's non-send to name actors who use these type of prostheses, but to give an idea, some of the current top personalities who we may envy their hair, are actually using wigs. The same with women. There are several models/actresses using these modern prosthesis. We're not talking about hair extension here, but those who cover the whole or part of the scalp.

Virtualy Invisible Wigs:

Malla Ultralace The mesh of these prostheses are made of a semi-transparent plastic, which becomes invisible on contact with the scalp. In fact, it covers the front line and the entries in such a way that they look natural. That is precisely what distinguishes them from the old wigs: we can allow our hair being observe from every angle and showing the front without fear. If well placed, you will not perceived any connections between the wig and scalp.

For this example we placed a piece of the plastic over a finger, showing how it "disappears" when it's in contact with the skin.

The parts that are not attached are easily distinguishable, but in the central area, where there is perfect contact, we can see that the mesh is literally invisible. This image is an increase of almost 5X detail and shows all the weaknesses.

The following photos show us in great detail the front lines of a prosthesis. In this case, the manufacturer was UltraLace.

Ultralace Front     Ultralace Front

Clicking on the photos you will see them in larger size.

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