Hair Loss
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Hair loss treatments

We suggest you to start with the most effective hair loss treatments. They do work on most persons and you can get the products on any pharmacy. One the other hand, they trend to be more "budget friendly".

Here you will find only the most common ones. This page will be updated if some new treatment and/or technique appear.

If you are looking for another treatment that's not listed here, you can also check at the hair forum.

You will need patience and persistence y you plan to start any treatment. And remember, do not start with one without asking a professional, he will be able to do a real diagnosis of your case and recommend you the appropiate dosis for your particular case.

Not Proven Effectiveness

They could eventually work for some people, but the effectiveness and response time is not proven. Some are extremely expensive and there is no waranty based on results.

Medium effectiveness

They work in some cases, but no double-blind test have been conducted. The response time may vary. Some patients use these treatments in combination with other treatments or during the "rest" periods of the main treatment.

The most Effective ones

They have worked on most people. They response time is around three to six months and the effectiveness have been demonstrated in many double-blind tests. We suggest you to start with these ones.
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