Hair Loss
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The difference between effective and ineffective products

Many times it becomes difficult to distinguish between what works and what does not, especially when the hair loss takes us by surprise and we have little information about it.
There are many products that are proven effective, but unfortunately there are a greater number of treatments, lotions and tablets that do not help at all.

The policy of this site does not include insulting anyone, nor praise for more companies or products that are wonderful. We just report what we believe is true based on our own and other's experiences, and results or reports made in an appropriate manner (usually double-blind studies).

Hippocrates (460ac-377ac) was born on the island of Kos (Aegean Sea) and trained with his father Heraclides. He believed that the medicine - which at that time was related to religion - should repent in an experimental science. Undoubtedly, Hippocrates is the "father" of modern medicine. Made many trips until finely died in Larisa
Unfortunately there have always been myths about cures for alopecia. The same Hippocrates, the father of the doctors-was applied to the scalp a mixture of opium, horseradish, pigeon droppings, beetroot essence of roses and, thinking that would stop hair loss. Finally, it ended so bald that his name was an example for severe cases of alopecia: "Hippocratic baldness."

It is funny that after 2500 years, we continue using the same methods but, fortunately, with other elements. Prior to the advent of the Internet, the products "magic" were recommended by word of mouth and tended to be mixtures homemade of course did not work but at least they were economic.

While lotions and hair centers exist before internet, the network allowed an exponential increase of products that serve, and those who do not. The problem is that there are many more treatments ineffective, and if you're searching on the net is more likely that you encounter with them before those that actually work.

Many people truly believe their products work. They are places where promote and explain the whys and is "scientifically proven", etc, etc. We need to send lots of love to those people, an ocean of love but not a drop of money.

They have good faith, but do not know the true meaning of "scientifically proven". On the other hand, in market there are lotions, tablets and even laser or helmet massages that do not really need to be approved by local authorities in each country. They are considered safe cosmetics but no-one guarantees results.

According to the Royal Academy, the word "scam" means:
1. Remove or stealing by deceit.
2. Tricking someone with promise or hope.
3. A Lover saying: Understand with your look, make winks.

We believe that those with good faith, belong to the third meaning of the word scam: they are in love with their products and if you interview them, one look will be enough to understand them. They are simply confused but they believe in their products.

On the other side of the coin are those who know perfectly well that their products do not work, but still they take advantage of the situation. Its action is really bad and of course have no clinical or scientifical tests. In some cases, using doctored photos (other than light, retouched with the computer, etc) and often have signed testimonies by people as "JW de California" or "RA of Florida."

These companies belong to the second meaning of the word scam. Anyway, we want to send lots of love to the people or companies selling these products, but not a penny.
How to identify this type of fraud? It is very simple. Here are some guidelines to consider when entering a site that promises great results in a few weeks:

Identifying Magic Products

  • They are never approved by the local authorities because they do not need approval. They are not drugs but cosmetics.

  • In many cases, the presentation also includes the curriculum vitae of the "inventor" of the product, showing credentials in dermatology, degree in kinesiology or exotic techniques. Products that work do not speak about the research but about clinical studies and double blind.

  • They usually give "satisfaction guarantee" because they know that only 1% of people return the product in spite of not receiving results. Even with such a guarantee, they never refunded the full amount discounting shipping, packaging, etc.. The money back does not equal outlays

  • Remember that 28 of every 100 people with some form of alopecia recover or get better without any drug. So magical lotions vendors are successful in 28% of its sales. There will be 28 individuals, possibly wrong-believing, recommending the product believing that really works.

  • Always looking for comments from people who have tried the product. Before considering buying it, you can do an Internet search and probably find cases that are outside the official website. Your instincts will play the role of guide in here, but if it fails, your experience will be an even better guide.

  • Enter to our forum and ask!. There are many people that give their experience with the sole purpose of helping others.

If you've spent money on treatments that have not worked or you feel you've been cheated, not your resentment towards them. Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy is ideal in these cases: no help. That means stop buying such products and of course, never recommend to anyone unless you have verified that work.

Please note that the fact that have worked for you, does not mean that the product works. You can be among the 28 people who recover without doing anything.
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