Hair Loss
There is a solution to our problem. The secret is to find it fast. You have reached the right place. Welcome to RecoverYourHair.

Where to begin?

The ideal is always to be well informed. If you are capable to lear some basic knowledge, you will have higher chances to success during the fight against hair loss.

We do not want to give you false expectation because it is our duty to inform you with -what we think it is- the thruth. Remember that we do not sell any product and we do not have any capilar center. We are a group of people that want to help to those who are fighting against this problem.

The reason to be well inform is simple: to not to loss time using treatments that we know that they don't work and to not to invest money assisting to places that -even if not on porpouse- unknown the real causes of the hair loss We want to tell you that the chances to finish with this problem are most likely on your favor. If you are persistent and you chose one of the working treatments, you surely will find results soon.

If Alopecia got you by surprise and you don't know the reasons, we recommend you to start informing yourself with the causes of hair loss.

In case that you know the causes of Alopecia, will be good for you to know which type of Alopecia you have, to go for one or several of the treatments related to your case.

If you want to know your chances of success, try the Alopecia Auto Evaluation Test. If the result of the test is negative, do not lose the hope. There are infinity of cases of advaced Alopecia that where reverted. Do not be discouraged. Use the Alopecia Forum to ask to the people that is on the same situation as you are.

The persistence is the "Mother of the Triumph". In this case is not about doing the same things ad-infinitum but to change between options if you don't see results. Do not give up!

Enjoy your staying on RecoverYourHair and if you still don't know where to start, we suggest you to go to the causes of hair loss.
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